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At-Home Training

Don't have enough time to hit the gym? But want to have optimal guidance and support during your workout? Choose the At-Home Personal Training Package. Your Trainer will arrive at your home to guide you through a 1-hour personalized workout session. Your trainer will  observe, adjust, and teach you how to move with proper form to enhance your ability to reach your fitness goals.  On a weekly basis, Trainers devote an additional 30-minutes to discuss your progress, to assess your satisfaction towards your goals, and determine if you feel your nutritional plan works for you. 

Similar to the Virtual Training package, At-Home Training allows you to build strong rapport with your trainer. During your session your trainer will challenge you and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. 

What you will learn: 

  • Proper foam rolling and active release 

  • Mobility and stability 

  • Strength training 

Additional learning based on your needs:

  • Rehab

  • Pre-hab

Together, you and your trainer will use our technology to keep track of your health and fitness lifestyle. You will learn ways to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle by replacing diets so you don't need to eliminate your favourite foods!

What you get for free: 

  • Consultation

  • Movement screen & Postural assessment 

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