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YouFit Life helped me start my weight loss journey about 8 years ago, when I weighed my heaviest of 230 lbs. I’m now down to 135 lbs with more energy and strength then ever before, and feel like I’m in the BEST SHAPE I’ve ever been in!

  • YouFit Life App

  • Custom fitness program

  • Weekly exercise schedule

  • Exercise video instruction

  • Online nutrition tracking and guidance

  • Instant messaging communication

YouFit App

  • Dash

    • ​Things to do today​
    • Nutrition goal
    • Workouts
    • Progress
    • Acheivments
  • Plans

    • Nutrition goals​

    • Nutrition guidelines

    • Training plan

    • Workouts

  • Calendar

    • Program​

    • Daily breakdown

    • Workouts

    • Cardiovascular tracking

    • Progress Tracking

  • Instant Messaging

  • More

    • Summary​

    • Profile

    • Location

    • Support

    • Settings

      • Connect Apps​ and devices​​

What you get

  • Online Program

    • Fitness Program

    • Workout Schedule

    • Exercise Videos

    • Nutrition

    • Mobile App

    • Community

    • Communication

Your program

Your program will be designed from scratch. Creating a unique exercise program just for you.

With people being so unique, keeping a close eye on progress is important. 

Tracking and communicating to ensure success.


Exercise Videos

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