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Adductor forearm stretch


Are you experiencing knee pain, back pain, neck pain, or do you have poor posture?

Then join us in today's feature exercise, the Adductor Forearm Stretch!

What are adductors?

Adductors are the muscles in your thighs!

What is the purpose of this exercise?

To improve flexibility, loosens stiff and tight areas, and prevent injury if performed regularly.

What muscles are we targeting? Muscles in the thigh, groin, and forearms.

how to do it

  • From a kneeling position stretch your groin feeling it in your adductors

  • Turn the hands over to stretch the front of the forearms. Hold for 30 seconds

  • Flip one hand over and apply pressure to stretch, while keeping most of the weight on the hand that is palm down for balance and support.

  • Hold for 5 seconds, then switch to the other side and stretch and hold again. Repeat for 3 sets.


You should feel an even stretch in 4 areas:

  • Your groin

  • Your thighs

  • Your forearms

What if I don't feel an even stretch in all 4 areas?

If you're not feeling an even stretch in your forearms, check the following:

  • Are your shoulder blades set?

  • Is most of your weight on the palm facing down?

  • Are your arms straight?

If you're not feeling an even stretch in your adductors, check the following:

  • Is your core engaged?

  • Are your knees open?

  • Is your butt over top of your heels?

Still not feeling an even stretch in all four areas?

This could be due to an imbalance, which is totally okay! Just keep doing this exercise regularly, and you should feel a nice balanced stretch in no time!

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