Types of Training 

YouFit Life offers personal training through four methods:


  • Virtual Training 

  • At-home Training

  • Gym Training 

  • Online Programming 

New YouFitters are guaranteed free: 

  • 30-minute consultation via phone or Google Meet 

  • 1-hour Movement Screen Assessment 

What makes YouFit Life Different?

Trainers at YouFit Life are passionate about the work they do and the relationships they build. They understand it is not a "one size fits all" approach when supporting individuals on their health and fitness journey. 

At YouFit Life we support and guide our YouFitters towards a positive, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle through: 

  • Teaching proper form 

  • Replacing restrictions or diets with balanced meals 

  • Strengthening the mind and soul through community support and resources 

On a weekly basis, Trainers devote 30-minutes after a training session to discuss your progress, to assess your satisfaction towards your goals, and determine if you feel your nutritional plan works for you. 

You will have access to your Trainer 24/7 through our apps and technology. Together, you and your Trainer will keep track of your daily food intake and your fitness regime. 

We have built a community of YouFitters where our VIP YouFitters help support new members to reach their goals. We believe bringing people together with similar goals help motivate our new members to reach their goals and help them find ways that work best for them!