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YouFit Life supported me during my weight loss journey. Eight years ago, I weighed my heaviest of 230lbs. Now, I am down to 135lbs with more energy and strength than ever before! 

I feel like I am in the BEST SHAPE I've ever been in! 

YouFit life provided me with resources, education, and guidance. Their support has helped me become the best version of myself! 


I am 54 years old and can remember having knee issues since about age 35. I sought out a Sports Therapist, Chiropractor and had ART, Graston Technique and Electro Acupuncture.  I received some immediate relief, but not past the day of treatment.


YouFit Life was able to offer something that no medical person could and that is sustained data gathering through observation, a plethora of knowledge and a plan that slowly built towards my physical change as well as my attitude about it!

Kristine, YouFitters_edited_edited.jpg


YouFit Life has “cured” me of an increasingly painful issue with my leg that was making long distance walking difficult by identifying the problem and focusing on correcting it. 


I have worked with other trainers before and this is the best I have ever had! I especially appreciate the virtual one-on-one workouts which adapts to whatever equipment is on hand. Virtual workouts have kept me accountable through my snowbird lifestyle and current isolation, due to the pandemic.


As I’ve gotten older, I have endured many injuries. I was told by a physiotherapist that I may have to give up doing lunges and squats, as well as other activities. This is when I joined YouFit Life. 


YouFit Life taught me to workout without irritation and perform exercises properly to fix my injuries. I’ve learned how to incorporate proper rolling techniques, mobility and balance into my workouts. Now I can do all my activities pain free and I am experiencing great growth towards my goals! In addition to my weight workouts they have taught me proper arrangement of my cardiovascular activities and how to eat properly without restrictions. My clothes have never fit better!

Noella, YouFitter_edited.jpg


When I started I could not even climb a step ladder without knee pain. It took time, and they had to remind me many times about my form, but one day I realized that I had just run up a flight of stairs two at a time without thinking about it.


I love working out with YouFit Life! I am down 20lbs in less than 6 months!


Since YouFit Life, I have made so many positive life changes. I am enjoying the one-on-one workouts and also the support and encouragement I receive to complete exercises on my own throughout the week. They give me clear, informative, and accurate fitness and nutrition advice.


YouFit Life has encouraged me to take initiative and be accountable for my health and fitness! I have seen so much progress and feel stronger.

Ron  & Sue, YouFitters_edited.jpg

Ron & Sue


YouFit Life has been a great help to me with my fitness goals. Sessions are always fun and enjoyable!
Danny listens to any concerns I may have regarding joint or muscle issues and constructs specific workout plans to help me improve and become stronger in those areas. He also educates me on each exercise and why it is important for me.


I have worked with YouFit Life for the past several years and have found the training to be consistently excellent with meticulous attention to form.
Danny has helped me greatly with specifically my back and shoulder pain issues which were beginning to limit my activities. He has also helped me with my eating habits as well as self-care techniques. I have become more mobile and lost approximately 20lb over our time together.
I highly recommend YouFit Life in order to improve overall health and fitness!


Nothing is certain now except our health - we are not getting any younger so we need to take care of ourselves, it's not too late.


I am grateful I was introduced to YouFit Life, it made me realize how important a personal trainer is and making sure I am doing the proper workouts that are appropriate for the level I am at currently. His enthusiasm and patience are appreciated. Thanks to Danny I’ve learned how important having a regular fitness routine and including the proper nutrients in our meals is to our health. Now I’m educated about the benefits of protein and aware of what I am eating in my day-to-day meals. I started to include protein in all my food and drinks to build up my energy level! I am glad I took the step to change my lifestyle - a big thank you to Danny!

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Barb, YouFitter.jpeg


I started with YouFit Life in June 2020. I had an injury in March that I was enduring. My girlfriend was singing the praises of how quickly she resolved her injuries under YouFit Life supervision, which led me to make the call.

I have always been fit and previously believed I didn’t need a trainer. What I didn’t recognize, was how unaware of weaknesses (one side to the other), can lead to injuries. I might’ve been doing the exercises but not properly. Having my trainer observe me has made such a difference. The attention to detail has completely converted me to believe in investing in that kind of help. Their assessments pick up things like unilateral weaknesses which, help determine your program. They have extensive knowledge and passion along with that. I am self-motivated, fitness is one of my passions, so investing in my health and strength makes perfect sense to me.

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